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July 27, 2022

Hack The System

Candy and Eugene welcome documentary filmmaker Nico Edwards to discuss outlier travel,  adventure and filmmaking on a 120 foot sailboat going to Antarctica. That's a mouthful. The agents saw two documentaries directed by Nico Edwards and found them both compelling. The conversation with Nico stands out as one of their favorites.

The 2017 feature documentary "Sea Gypsies:The Far Side of the World" is the center of the discussion but both the film and Nico's conversation are generative. The documentary follows " a small group of modern seafaring gypsies as they strike out across the largest expanse of of uninhabited geography on earth, in search of adventure, awe and whatever else lies at the far side of the world. The vessel is Infinity,a 120-foot hand-built sailboat crewed by a band of miscreants. The journey, an 8.000 mile Pacific (crossing from New Zealand to Patagonia with a stop in Antartica." IMDB)


Please let us know if you watched the documentary (on Prime or Vimeo) and let us know what you thought:

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